Release - VERSION 0.8.8-beta

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Release - VERSION 0.8.8-beta

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Version 0.8.8-beta updates:

* Gameplay improvements
** When the enemy attacks you, camera now moves to the battle location and game pauses briefly before the battle starts. This allows you to get your bearing on who is being attacked and where.
* UI updates
** Battle speed shown on BattleHUD
** For quests, you can now view monsters before choosing to battle them
** For quests, when you view location, a golden box highlights the ruin
** Quest report now shows the ruin art you need to search (instead of temple art)
** Combat Advisor is now just a simple pop-up (no longer darkens screen, hides HUD etc...)
** Army recruitment and Merchant event window updated, including showing your total GP
** Hero select window updated for game consistency
* Art updates
** Additional monster portraits artwork added
* Bug fixes
** Fixed issue when selecting a Hero when searching a ruin for a quest (thanks Agent Orion!)
** Fixed issue where screen would not run full sized if on 4K monitor resolution (max res for game is 1920x1080)
** Fixed issue where game crashes if the AI uses all of its movement, then tries to attack
* Minor bugs fixes
** Mansion ruin art was shown when searching a monument. The monument and statue ruins were not displaying correctly.
** Loading a saved game with a long name now works
** Save button defaults to enabled when saving game
** Combat Advisor no longer says "guaranteed to win", since that it's never 100% certain.
Screen Resolution issues? Try deleting this file and restarting the game:

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