Release - VERSION 0.9.0

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Release - VERSION 0.9.0

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Version 0.9.0-beta updates:

Heroes can ride flying units! Knights get a bonus when attacking castles, and more UI improvements!

* Hero AI improvement in early-game strategy choices
* Heroes can fly too if grouped with a flying army (thanks Menji!)
* Updated SFX
* Updated random castle names

* Game Balance:
** Knights get +1 Strength bonus when attacking a castle

* Minor updates:
** "Combat Strength" (CS) is now referred to as "Strength" (STR)

* Bug fixes:
** Fixed game-freezing bug where playing, then loading a different game retained invalid ruin locations

* UI improvements:
** Right-clicking to open castleHUD improved (previously had issues with tooltip popup window)
** Screen-edge scrolling improved & more responsive (thanks Hammersmithh!)
** Right-click tooltip popup window improved
** Lochus strength modifier now shown in right-click tooltip popups
** Minimap ruin icon is updated to reflect whether it has been explored already
** NewGameHUD shows message re: generating world map instead of just appearing frozen
** Minor font capitalization and size adjustments to keep uniformity across the game
** After saving game, all windows close automatically (previously you had to close window manually)

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