Release - VERSION 0.8.9

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Release - VERSION 0.8.9

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Version 0.8.9-beta updates:

* You can shift-click your units in the Keep to select multiple units at once (thanks MajorDixonCider for suggestion!)
* Added another easter egg in the main menu
* Improved road layout: small roads now come off main road, and connect nearby Castles

* Bug fixes
** Fixed game-crash bug that could occur right before a battle starts (thanks Menji for reporting!)
** Fixed game-crash bug that occurs if you load a saved game where an enemy's capital castle was razed
** Fixed game-freezing bug where an AI's injured Hero tried to move
** Fixed bug that caused the AI to almost always attack a castle from the North

* Bug fixes (minor)
** Reset faction strength modifier layer correctly on reset-game
** Fixed bug where flying units next to their castle showed they could move onto the castle even if they had zero movement
** Fixed connectivity issues with mountain tilemaps
** Fixed bug where razing a neutral castle would show the attacker's faction castle razed
** Fixed bug where a castle would sometimes be razed even though AI wanted to pillage only

* Sound Effects
** Added another AudioStream to overlap sound effects
** Improved SFX throughout

* Tutorial
** New playable tutorial map!
** Improves introducing game concepts to new players

* UI improvements
** Explored ruins are now greyed out
** Icon shows in BattleHUD when unit strength decreased because on a water tile. Tome updated too.
** WASD physical keys now mapped/work for all keyboard layout types
** Default save game name more clearly defined
** Hotkeys added
*** Numeric-keys move units (thanks Menji for suggestion!)
*** Ctrl-E: end turn (thanks MajorDixonCider for suggestion!)
*** Ctrl-L: load game window
*** Ctrl-S: save game window

Please note: Previous saved games may not work if from a version "too long ago"

Having Troubles with resolution? When you start the game, click settings, adjust the mouse size. Adjust the mouse size should auto-trigger a resolution fixer. If that doesn't work, you can try deleting your user settings file (C:\Users\[USERNAME]\AppData\Roaming\Godot\app_userdata\Telestians\ and restart the game.

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