Release - VERSION 0.9.1

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Release - VERSION 0.9.1

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Version 0.9.1-beta updates:

* New reports menu! View total armies, castles, gold and overall might
* New unit: Brave Man Lord guards Level 3 neutral castles
* If enemy moves near your castle, camera will move to that location
* New army portraits added

* Game balances:
** All factions have updated strengths and upkeep costs to various unit(s)
** Monsters are stronger!
** No more unit build cost. Easier to track GP gain/loss per turn.
** Barbarians bonus: Allies & Heroes appear 20% faster
** Ruin searches:
*** Better odds of powerful Heroes winning against weaker monsters
*** Min/Max injured turns reduced to 1/4 (from 2/5)

* Bug fixes:
** Fixed game-crash bug in Tutorial if you attacked before a help box appeared (thanks Eusebiu!)
** Fixed game-crash bug when you had no Heroes and were trying to view the Hero Inventory window
** Hero's (equipped) item bonuses wouldn't take effect on load game
** Oversized strength bonus was not taking effect in battles

* Bug fixes (minor):
** Expenses info wouldn't update right away after an army was killed (or disbanded)
** Attack cursor can now appear over enemy after unit's movement finishes
** Now shows correct total GP on castle reconstitute window
** When monsters take over and razed a castle, correct razed castle icon shows

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