RELEASE - Version 0.8.1-beta

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RELEASE - Version 0.8.1-beta

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Version 0.8.1-beta has been released.

Updates & improvements:
* Added Scenario: Tutorial
* Major update to UI
* Major update to GameHUD and CastleHUD
* Mouse interaction improvements
* Processing speed improvements
* Implemented "Move All Units" button in center-stone HUD
* New option: Default or large mouse cursors in game
* Lots of AI bug fixes
* AI strategy improvements
* Game Balance: Knights no longer get additional CS+1 bonus on castles
* Massive improvements to Random Map Generator
* Major update to all artwork
* Cleaned up Ruin search popup
* Smooth minimap scrolling
* More controlled map dragging
* Fixed various Ruin Search bugs
* Save games store correct Hero injured state
* Tooltip and Hero Inventory show number of injured turn remaining
* Hotseat games, FOW resets at beginning of player's turn
* MinimapHUD can be shrunk/expanded
* GoldHUD can be shrunk/expanded
* Merchants tend to appear closer to Heroes w/o items
* Merchants and Armies don't appear at Razed Castles
* Treant shows WJ +1 bonus
* Bug fix: Monsters now show player's faction colors in boat on load
* Bug fix: Hero no longer shows injured icon on load if not injured
* Created on/off toggle in Options for Game Tips/Help
* Moved castle icon up when in castleHUD view
* SFX added for Hero inventory item dropping and picking up
* Changed order of CentralHUD buttons
* Show Hero as Lochus texture if in Lochus
* Showing some finalized ruin portraits
* Verified orphan nodes as acceptable
* Create road infrastructure between castles
* Roads more visible on minimap
* New battle screen
* If only one unit when "next" button pressed, center on that unit
* Created more Temple, Ruin and Castle names (avoiding duplication)
* Disabled Physics engine; improving game performance and FPS
* Show quest status of Temple on right-click
* Quest reward items are no longer nondeterministic
* Made flagstaff "pop" more from background
* New fortify icon
* Can select which Hero searches a ruin (multiple Heroes in Lochus)
* Only can get 1 of each hero at a time during game play
* Implemented Borderless Fullscreen
* Window scrolls update - corner scrolling

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