Release - VERSION 0.8.4-beta

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Release - VERSION 0.8.4-beta

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Version 0.8.4-beta has been rleased.

Updates & improvements:
* Updated various unit sprites
* Updated various minimap tiles
* New game option: Road density
* New game option: Monster events on/off
* New game option: Merchant events on/off
* Reduced extra build turns for units not of player's faction
* BETA - information and links on main menu
* BETA - enforced max 40 turn limit
* Check if running latest version- link to download if not
* Added terrian CS modifier overlay on map (Hotkey: "1")
* Fixed pathfinding bug in NeutralAI
* Razed castle info pop-up window now displays correctly
* AI bug fixes
* Terrain defensive bonuses and movement costs are only determined by the Player's faction (no longer the the unit's faction).
* More evenly spread out capital castle placement across random map generation
* Show detailed error message when build random map fails
* Show Hero portrait in Hero inventory window
* Show Holy men portrait in quest event window
* Updated some Ruin portrait art
* Easter Egg: Door Knight added
* SFX makeover

Download here:

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