Release - VERSION 0.8.6-beta

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Release - VERSION 0.8.6-beta

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Version 0.8.6-beta updates:

* Additional monster artwork added
* Fixed some buttons not showing correct night-time version
* Added additional hero names and titles
* Added additional ruin, and temple names
* Hotkey "c" takes you to your capital castle
* InGame Settings: Set battle speed as default or fast
* Lowered army recruit offers (Cost previously was too expensive)
* Added new ruins: "Ancient Ruins", "Druid Circle"
* Orange fortified icon once unit is fortified (grey when fortifying)
* Fixed razed image on castle takeover, correctly show the old castle type as razed
* Fixed incorrect razed castle showing on game map
* Updated various army sprites
* Updated battleHUD
* QoL - A unit is no longer automatically at the start of your turn
* More descriptions/info added to New Game start up screen
* Upgrade castle popup more informative
* Reconstitute castle popup more informative
* Fixed bug: New units spawning on water display correctly as boat
* Hero injured icon shows if an injured Hero exists within a Lochus (army group)
* Optimized unit selection (moved from individual unit to GameScreen)
* No longer automatically automatically move camera to newly created units each turn
* Show (noninvasive) game turn number coat-of-arms at the start of each turn

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