Release - VERSION 0.8.7-beta

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Release - VERSION 0.8.7-beta

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Version 0.8.7-beta updates:

* Imprt Note: Saved games from earlier versions may not be compatible
* Removed 50 turn limit
** There are a few edge case bugs that can hang the game. If that happens, simply close the game, then reload the "Autosave" saved game.
* Lots of UI updates!
* Clicking on armies in your group (Keep HUD) now selects them as a new/active group you can move/attack with. Previously, selecting armies in your group removed them from the active group.
* Load & Save game window updated for game consistency
* Updated Hero Inventory, included more descriptive details & info
* Updated Army, Great Army and Monster event windows for game consistency
* Army unit artwork updates
* Ruin artwork update
* Removed unused fonts
* Updated unit select frame icons
* Right-clicking on a selected army now shows the tooltip details popup. Previously it could only be done by de-selecting the army first.
* Fixed bug: On a water tile, moving one unit away from Lochus, or leaving one unit left from Lochus now correctly shows the boat icon

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